Investor FAQs

LatAm Logistic Properties, is traded on the Colombian Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Valores de Colombia “BVC”) under the ticker symbol LLP.
LatAm Logstic Properties S.A. is a holding company structured under a C-Corp and domiciled in Panama. LatAm Logstic Properties S.A., through its subsidiaries, is governed by a frame of reference of institutional relations, duly approved at the level of the entire Group, which regulates, among other aspects, the interest of the conglomerate, the criteria for business between related companies and the subjection of subordinate entities to LatAm Logstic Properties S.A. corporate governance policies.
LatAm Logistic Properties is internally managed following best corporate practices. As an internally managed real estate company, Latam Logistic Properties, through its subsidiaries, employs the executives, investment managers, development managers and support staff that manage the operations of the company day-to-day. We strongly believe that this model avoids conflicts of interests and fully aligns the management team and investors to obtain the best investment returns possible.
LatAm Logistic Properties is headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica with a dedicated investor relations office in Bogota Colombia. Also, LatAm Logistic Properties has offices in Colombia, Peru and Costa Rica.
LatAm Logstic Properties S.A. is a holding company structured under a C-Corp. We believe this structure supports the high growth to its investors.
LatAm Logistic Properties is the leader in the Andean Region and Central America in modern sustainable logistics real estate with a focus on high-barrier, high-growth markets. We are focused on developing, acquiring, leasing, owning and managing Class-A logistics facilities. Our strong focus in eco-efficient standards and relationship with our customers enables us to capitalize on future growth in the region.
LatAm Logistic Properties, through its Subsidiaries, currently operates in Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru.
LatAm Logistic Properties’ customers are mainly multinational and regional clients in different industries including third party logistics, retailer and business-to-business distribution, e-commerce fulfillment centers and, among others.
LatAm Logistic Properties functional currency is the U.S. Dollar, as such, the financial information of LLP is presented in U.S. Dollars.
As of December 31, 2020, 75% of the rental income of LatAm Logistic Properties revenues was denominated in U.S. Dollars.
LatAm Logsitic properties is independently audited by Deloitte.
Currently, LatAm Logistic Properties will reinvest its annual profits to fund its growth and will evaluate paying dividends once LatAm Logistic Properties achieves a stabilized fully owned portfolio of 750,000 square meters.